Regardless of your age or gender, if you want your skin to look its best you have to take care of it.

A facial does for your skin what a month of exercise and good nutrition does for your body.  Through deep-cleaning, exfoliation of the pores and a stimulating massage to improve circulation can make progress towards improving your skin.

At Vision of Beauty we use the Buddha Beauty skincare range which is vegan, cruelty free and made with organic ingredients.  


Basic Facial - £35  

45 Mins


A Basic Facial is beauty on the Go and suitable for clients with a busy lifestyle and is a mini version of a facial.


The treatment will include a single cleanse, facial scrub exfoliation, light fragrant floral water tone and moisturise. A luxury face cream will be applied to ultra hydrate your skin; locking in moisture and creating a barrier to protect your skin. 


Your skin will benefit from the Buddha Beauty skin care products giving you a youthful moisturised look without the time constraints of a luxury facial. 


Deep Cleansing Facial - £45

1 hr


A deep cleansing facial is great for oily or problematic skin. If you suffer from acne breakouts often, this is a great solution for the problem.
With this facial we focus on giving your skin a real deep cleanse to remove daily dirt build up, excess oils and reduce the daily grime that causes your breakouts.
You will experience a cleanse, facial scrub exfoliation, facial steaming which will open your pores allowing to a deep cleansing with a second exfoliation and removal of any black heads followed by a light fragrant floral water tone and moisturise using a luxury face cream which will give your skin the polish it needs to look bright, fresh and youthful.

Luxury Facial - £55  

1hr 15 mins


This luxury facial will begin a double cleanse which is carried out gently applying chosen cleanser in a circular motion to massage your skin and deeply cleanse the skins surface.


This will then be then followed by a Facial Scrub which will gently exfoliate and deep clean your pours removing the daily build-up of dirt and pollution you have encountered since your last facial. 


Facial steaming will mist your face to allow your pores to open up fully with a second gentle exfoliation.


Prior to a natural clay mask, a stress busting facial massage will be carried out which will help extend a sense of calm and allow you to release all of the days tensions. The mask is applied to soothe your skin and remove all excess oils. 


Whilst you lay with your mask, a relaxing arm and hand massage will be carried out. 


Once your mask has been removed using hot towels lightly scented with essential oils,  a light fragrant floral water will be misted around and one of our luxury face creams will be applied to ultra hydrate your skin; locking in moisture and creating a barrier to protect your skin. 


This whole treat will leave you feeling wonderful, refreshed, bright and ready to face the world.